ASLAN Original Therapies

So you too would like to live as long as possible, as healthily as possible, be beautiful, vital, free of ailments, and live independently for as long as you can? Exclusive to the ASLAN Institutes, our concept of “wholeness” delivers an important contribution to your health at the highest level.


Up-to-Date Health tip

Give yourself the Gift of Health

Spend your health holiday at ASLAN. Combine your relaxation and regeneration with individualised wellness and health applications, beauty treatments and physiotherapy.


Olsberg in the Hochsauerland

Arrangements with Accommodation

Olsberg in the heart of the Sauerland with its distinctive landscape, is generally described as an Active-and-Health destination.


Badsteben in the Frankenwald Nature Park

Arrangements with Accommodation

Continuing in the tradition of over 175 years of Spa tradition, we are committed to: exquisitely cultivated garden surroundings, generously designed swimming pools, colourful shops, beautiful hotels and comfortable pensions.


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