Braila on the Danube

Ana Aslan

Life History - Part 1



Vlad Tepes auch bekannt als Graf Dracula
Vlad Tepes - Graf Dracula
Die Stadt Braila

Braila is a Rumanian port and is situated on the Danube not far from where it runs into the Black Sea. The rural region around Braila forms the Eastern part of the Walachei, bordered by the Transylvanian Alps. According to legend, Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula, ruled here in the 15th Century. Since then, Braila has become an important industrial centre with more than 230 000 inhabitants. From the end of the 16th C to the beginning of the 20th C, however, it was a picturesque small town which looked like a busy oriental trading centre. Around the warehouses and granaries in the harbour and around the settlements of the foreign trade companies, there was animated business both day and night. The teeming market places in the inner city were lined with market stalls and shops in which one could buy imported wares as well as regional specialities. Apart from bakery produce like honey cakes, ginger cakes and the popular “Cosonac”, a plaited yeast cake containing raisins and cocoa powder, which is eaten at Christmas time in Rumania, most of the offered wares consisted of exotic spices and colourful materials. Miniature mountains of nuts, raisins, curry powder and chilli pods were found on the wooden tables, next to baskets of fruit and bundles of select fabrics. Above all was the hum of the mixture of languages of the Italian, Greek, French and Turkish dealers. The proximity and mix of the nationalities produced a cosmopolitan ambience. An inordinately rich cultural life consisting of theatre, art and literature had established itself in Braila. In short, the small town pulsed with life.


On the 1st January, 1897, Ana Aslan was born into this lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, as the daughter of the merchant Margarit Aslan and his wife, Sofia. They had 5 children of whom 4 survived, two boys Bombonel and Sergiu, and two girls, Angela and Ana. Ana was the youngest child and, as was soon to become evident, the most inquisitive and ambitious.


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