The Examples 3) Prof Daniel Danielopoloou

Ana Aslan

Life History - Part 9



Foto Prof. Daniel Danielopolou mit Ana Aslan
Prof. Daniel Danielopolou with Ana Aslan
Ana Aslan after her examination
Ana Aslan after her examination

In 1921, she successfully completed the examination in Internal Medicine as the first of 32 candidates.


Prof Daniel Danielopolou, the Chairman of the Examining body, congratulated her in a very direct manner: “I congratulate you, young lady, for the first place in these examinations, although I regret that a young man did not achieve this position.” In 1922, Ana Aslan completed her State Examination and went to the Bucharest Clinic II, which was headed by Danielopolou who also became her doctor-father, as a Dissector. She worked for him as a Resident Doctor as well as University Assistant. He initiated her into the secrets of clinical medicine and, under his tutelage, she formulated the scientific opinions which became the foundation for her academic career. It was always her aim to learn as much as possible. Everything unknown fascinated her, and she was determined to unveil any new knowledge. She was always pursuing the next discovery. In this time, she had only the most vague idea that all this was serving to prepare her for her real goal, Gerontology and Geriatrics.


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