Ana Aslan's Examples 1) Prof Toma Ionescu

Ana Aslan

Life History - Part 7



One day, while trying to expose the inaccessible Maxilla artery, together with its delicate connections, Aslan had her first pioneering medical idea. She injected a contrast substance to make the delicate connections more visible and achieved a convincing result with this simple procedure. Professor Toma Ionescu was impressed when he saw the exactness of the dissection, and insisted on meeting the student who had done it. You can imagine his astonishment when he met Ana Aslan, the only female student of the entire faculty. He prophesied a great career for her in the area of surgery and invited her to join him at his clinic whenever she was ready.


In 1916, Rumania joined the First World War, as part of the Entente on the side of France, Great Britain and Russia. Ana was called as “volunteer” at the front at Lasi. First she worked in the department of infectious diseases at the military hospital. Later, she was transferred to surgery where she met Prof Toma Ionescu again, who called her his “little surgeon”, and who was the first in a row of “substitute fathers”. As a child, a love for her father fuelled her thirst for knowledge. Just so, in her later life, meeting famous men, whom she admired because of their medical achievements, was always stimulating to her. Toma Ionescu was a great example to Ana Aslan, who had just begun to make a career in medicine, and he remained her example for ever. The time in the military hospital was important for her development in many ways. How many wounded had she not treated and bandaged at the front? Medicine was never only of scientific knowledge for her, but especially had humanitarian, ethical, moral, and creative value. As a doctor, she always involved herself in creating a better life for people. War time, with its senseless horror, would never fade from her memory.


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