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Ana Aslan

Life History - Part 15



Ana Aslan and Parhon in the Institute
Ana Aslan and Parhon in the Institute

In the immediate neighbourhood there was a small old age home, which Ana Aslan and Constantin L.Parhon began visiting together regularly in November 1949. During a visit there, Ana had the idea to open an institute exclusively for the research of symptoms and methods of treatment which influenced the ageing process of humans: an Institute for Gerontology and Geriatrics. Due to her earlier experiences, she feared that the Academy would not listen to her. Parhon, on the contrary, had great influence there and besides, he was a man. It was as before when she had to use the name of Prof Danielopolou as co-author for tactical reasons to be able to publish her medical research. Again, she was more interested in her subject than in fame. In the following year, she persuaded her friend to work out the idea for the Institute with her, and in 1951 this was presented to the Rumanian Academy for Medicine. Parhon, the official presenter, declared that all research pertaining to the ageing process seemed extraordinarily promising and that the prevention of premature ageing had increasing sociological meaning. It would therefore be meaningful to train specialists in the area of the Science of Ageing, and for this purpose, found their own Institute for Gerontology and Geriatrics. On 21 January 1952, the Academy accepted his proposal. The first official head was Prof Constantin L. Parhon with Prof Ana Aslan as Substitute Director at his side. On 11 March of the same year, the two swapped their roles, a pure formality with which they had only waited not to upset the conservatives of the Academy, as this might have endangered the project.


The next years of development were characterised by the intensive co-operation of the two scientists. Problems were solved together and documents were signed together. From this time onwards, Ana Aslan began to use her typical signature “Prof Dr A. Aslan”, which appeared on the boxes containing her preparations all over the world in the following decades.


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