Her Parents

Ana Aslan

Life History - Part 2



Little Ana with family
Little Ana with family
Portrait Margarit Aslan
Margarit Aslan

Margarit Aslan was born of Rumanian parents. He came from a family which had produced well-known personalities in the fields of science and literature, and had a pronounced sense for elegance and irony. In the evenings, after his daily dealings in the grain trade, the kind-hearted man and loving father preferred to be at home with his intellectual friends, with poets, artists and musicians. Margarit Aslan was 59 years old when Ana was born. She was especially spoilt by him, not least because she seemed proof of his youthfulness and virility. He always regarded her with pride and love. There was an exceptionally intense relationship between Ana and her father. She idolised him and emulated him with all her being. His approval spurred her ambition and she became a real “Wunderkind”. She could read and write at the age of 4 years. She was serious and less playful than other children her age, enjoyed going to school, had great moral courage, and asserted herself. Little Ana was not interested in dolls and children's games, she preferred participating in the lives and discussions of grown-ups. She loved to be present when her parents received guests at home, and engaged in lively discussions about art and politics, usually in French.


Ana's mother, Sofia, nee Popovici hailed from an old family from Bukovina. She was 25 years younger than her husband, was an impressively beautiful and elegant, and had regular calm features. She spoke fluent German, French, Russian and Polish, and just like her husband, also loved classical music and literature. She also played chess and even cycled.


She designed and made all her and her children's clothing. This was a talent that Ana inherited from her and kept up all her life, in spite of her busy work day. Sofia Aslan was full of drive and joie de vivre. Nothing seemed impossible to her. Ana inherited her fighting spirit, her courage and her great ability to persevere which would later help her not to be discouraged by setbacks.


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