Ana Aslan

Life History - Part 21



Ana Aslan

Professor Aslan, were you ever in love?


“Yes, three times. Once, when I was very young. That was not very easy . . . And then again, much later . . .


. . . Daniel Danielopolou was an unusual man. He was a passionate scientists and was completely absorbed in his work. When he had and idea, nothing and nobody could persuade him to leave the laboratory. He was a good teacher. Sometimes I accompanied him on his trips to lecture in Paris . . . Those were times of the greatest mental and spiritual enjoyment! It was wonderful to have a discussion with him, he could become very passionate at such times. He had beautiful eyes the colour and depth of the ocean, and I love the ocean. I love it very much . . .


Later I met Alecu Zaamfirescu, the grandson of the write Duiliu Zaamfirescu, an unbelievably cultured man. He was the Secretary of the Foreign Minister and later became the Ambassador to many different countries. He had friends all over the world . . . I have kept all the poems he wrote for me. . .”


You never married, but were always surrounded by married men. Why?


“I am a person who takes what she does very seriously. I had to be free to use my time freely. I respect the institution of the family, but the bonds represent strong obligations . . .

. . .I felt that I could move something and I was determined to give of my best.”




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