The Decision

Ana Aslan

Life History - Part 5



When Margarit Aslan died at the age of 72, from inexorably progressing tuberculosis of the lungs, Ana had just turned 13 years. Helpless and despairing, she had to watch her beloved father succumb to the illness as the medicine available at that time could not help. This far-reaching event shook her world to such a degree that she decided to fight that helplessness. Her calling to study medicine and, after the completion of her studies, to major in Gerontology, was a direct result. Although she could not reverse the death of her father, she was determined to research a lively, complaint- free, and humanitarian ageing process in the service of mankind. She decided to fight from then on the seeming inevitability of ageing in people, their illness and their death. The painful loss of the most important person in her young life decisively influenced her future and caused her to grow up from one minute to the next. Therefore her childhood ended very early, and with a strong decision. The pain of her loss was to be changed into pure work energy from then onwards.


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