ASLAN The Original

We about us

We are proud to follow the trail that Prof Dr Ana Aslan, whose name we bear, has blazed for us. Her futuristic discoveries are now more relevant than ever before.

The Trade Mark Aslan®

The Original ASLAN Therapies always executed with much time and calmness by our experienced, holistically-medically trained doctors and therapists, are offered exclusively in authorised ASLAN Institutes. These are situated far from busy tourist centres, in a relaxed and natural atmosphere, high standards of comfort and a generous ambience.


Our History

Our origins lie with a world-famous doctor, Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan, who saw it as her goal to counter ageing, and to fight against the symptoms and negative side-effects that age brings with it.


Our Claim

Controlled, wholeness Medicine, continually being developed by experts; qualified treatment in an ambience offering high standards of comfort and much time for each patient.


Our Network

International exchange of information and co-operatively executed research by famous experts ensure the future of this business.

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