Authorised and Controlled

Only in the authorised ASLAN Institutes and clinics (authorised by ASLAN Holding), the ASLAN Therapies as development by Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan as a wholeness concept, especially for people in their second part of life, are being continually improved to include proven and newly developed forms of treatment, therapies, active agents, and substances from conventional and alternative medicine.

Expert Knowledge

A high medical standard and highly qualified, experienced ASLAN doctors, schooled in wholeness medicine are employed in the ASLAN Institutes and Clinics. They are experts in the use of specific active agents.

Continuing Research and Development

AIn the spirit of Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan, whose life was always characterised by science and research, ASLAN Holding maintains its own research and documentation Centre that investigates all the possibilities for a way to healthy-ageing.

Wholeness Medicine

Today the main focus of the ASLAN doctors, therapists and scientists lies in the medical prevention of complaints associated with ageing. The ASLAN Original Therapies offer the solution of a “healthy” medical care in the areas of prevention and regeneration: wholeness- as far as possible complimentary and integrated, meaningful combination of conventional and alternative medicine, affordable and accessible for everyone.

The central building blocks of wholeness medicine include: classic conventional medicine as well as alternative medicine in the shape of tried and tested naturopathic treatments, autho-molecular medicine, physiotherapy and balneological treatments, diet and dietetics, movement and sport programs, relaxation therapies, health teaching, and cosmetic and care programs.

Doctors and Therapists who have a great deal of time

Individual treatment concepts always in dialogue with the patient, are developed, taking a great deal of time in a restful manner. Another characteristic is the unusually small number of patients in every ASLAN® Institute. This is deliberate and makes the decisive time-intensive, personal doctor-patient relationship more intense.

Generous Ambience

A pleasant and generous ambience with a high level of comfort, beautiful surroundings, as well as a loving, lively, communicative interaction is important to us. Apart from the medical specialities of these institutions, the cool impersonal atmosphere of many conventional medical institutions and clinics is replaced by stylish, generous ambience, first class accommodation, and lively loving communication

Free Choice of Lodging

Patients are able to choose the lodging of their choice, according to their personal needs and requirements.