We have noticed that more and more medical practitioners, health practitioners, and Spa Clinics, as well as manufacturers of food supplements, are offering the “Aslan Therapies”, “Therapies according to Aslan”, “Aslan Spas”, or the “Gero-H3-Aslan” Treatment.


The ASLAN Holding International as well as the authorised ASLAN Institutes distance themselves emphatically from these offers.

ASLAN Original Therapy

When Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan died in May 1988 at the age of 91 years, under mysterious circumstances, the worldwide ASLAN Movement was already represented, on her own initiative, by the German ASLAN Company PTY Ltd in Olsberg


In March 1989, the first ASLAN Institute for carrying out the ASLAN Original Therapies was opened in Olsberg in the Hochsauerland.


In order to conform to the demands of the legacy of Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan, and her wish to make the ASLAN Original Therapies known worldwide, the activities of the German ASLAN Company PTY Ltd were transferred to the newly established ASLAN Holding International PTY Ltd at the beginning of 1992.


This company is in possession of all the original knowledge about the background and application of the treatment methods which she used so successfully, as well as the Legally Protected Therapy Rights under the name of ASLAN®.


Only in authorised ASLAN Institutes can the ASLAN therapies be applied strictly according to the original dictates of Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan; continually augmented by wholeness/medical and newly developed forms of treatment.


A high medical standard and highly qualified, experienced ASLAN doctors, schooled in wholeness medicine, are employed in the Institutes of the ASLAN Holding. Each patient is given a great deal of time. They know the specific substances used in the ASLAN Therapy and use them, depending on the health of their patients, in a well-directed specific dosage.

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