Ana Aslan's Legacy and Assignment

We are proud to follow, even today, in the footsteps of Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan, an exceptionally gifted Scientist and Medical Doctor, in everything we do and offer to our patients.


We have accepted her legacy for health and an independent life even in advancing age. Her far-reaching discoveries, her Wholeness therapies and ways of treatment, as well as the use of active agents and substances (eg Protein, Vitamins and minerals) are more topical and current than ever before. In the light of rising medical costs, prevention is becoming more and more important.


During the lifetime of this famous Doctor and expert in the Science of Ageing, Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan, there was a period during which the entire working population of Rumania was being treated by Aslan to retain their productivity and health for as long as possible. Studies undertaken by Prof Aslan about the increase in efficiency by using treatments designed specifically for this, demonstrate clearly even in the sixties and Seventies, the value of ASLAN Original Therapies, their special substances and active agents. Her great interest and involvement with the working population and their health, persuaded the then Minister of health to entrust her to transform the entire health system into a unique preventative system.

Aslan's Significance in Rumania Today

Unfortunately the “State Institute for Medicine and the Science of Ageing” in Bucharest, Rumania, has been unable to continue to develop along the lines of their scientific director Prof Aslan.

Economic and political instability still dominates daily life in Rumania. Many of her intimate Institute colleagues, most of them in their sixties to eighties, live outside of Rumania and try to work in other fields, often without recognition and legitimisation by Western medical authorities.

From the therapy to the Concept of All-Inclusiveness

The modern ASLAN concept has not remained at the medical level of the Fifties and Sixties, Mrs Aslan's “Golden Years”. It has continued to develop.


However, the scientific discoveries of Prof Dr Dr Ana Aslan, though they could not be verified, remained pioneering in their field. Many of her theses and experiences she documented with her beloved patients are only able to be proved today.

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