The continual exchange of experiences with international doctors, therapists and scientists from the ASLAN network, guarantees a “honest” medical path to “Healthy Ageing”.


The ASLAN Holding International, umbrella body of all ASLAN ® Institutes is protected by law world-wide: ASLAN® brand


Above and beyond that it is involved with controlling the Quality Standards of ASLAN ® Institutes as well as the further training of doctors who work there.

Extension and Further Development by means of Research

The assurance of quality and future success of the undertaking is further guaranteed by co-operatively and locally driven scientific developments involving noted Professors and Universities. These are developing and extending ASLAN® Original Therapies to include all relevant medical areas pertaining to “Good Ageing”, the ageing process as well as age-related illnesses.


Conventional as well as alternative medical treatment concepts are taken into consideration and integrated here. The most important pre-requisite for the integration of a new treatment is the proof of an exceptionally high degree of effectiveness and lack of side-effects.


Because of the co-operation of the ASLAN ® doctors from the most diverse fields of speciality, an excellent selection and implementation of various forms of treatment has been achieved. The claim of Wholeness-Medicine has been fulfilled.


We are proud of the fact that the knowledge and the diverse experiences of the doctors, scientists and therapists employed at the ASLAN Centres are being more and more sought after in the development of new and modern therapies, treatments, products, active agents and substances, and are even more able to influence new developments to a considerable degree.

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