A Special Substance


Procain is a potent substance which is not only used in sport- and anti-ageing medicines today. It has cell-active qualities, encouraging the repair of cell membranes. This makes the cell membranes more resistant to free radicals. These molecules occur in large quantities in a normal metabolism, where they adhere to the cell membranes. This kind of 'oxidative stress' is one of the main reasons for the ageing process. In addition, Procain helps to neutralise free radicals, thus protecting cells in 2 vitally important ways.


Apart from the anti-oxidative effect with its beneficial influence on the ageing of cells, Procain is also ascribed with pain relief, encouraging circulation and lowering blood pressure. The discovery of additional benefits, such as the stabilising and strengthening of the immune system, improvements in concentration and memory, and the possibility of halting infections and strengthening muscle tissue, attests to the diversity of Procain applications.


The remarkable use of Procain as an accompanying measure when treating tumours, cancerous growths, or undergoing chemotherapy, is promising. In the framework of ASLAN therapies, Procain is always prescribed individually, in different forms and dosages, by an experienced and specially trained ASLAN doctor.