ASLAN, the Therapy Emphases

Prevention, Complete Regeneration and Revitalisation

Do you want to de-stress, are you looking for relaxation, recovery and distance from the stresses of your daily life? You need a healthy holiday!


Treatment of Existing and Chronic Illnesses

We treat symptoms relating to heart and circulation problems, diseases relating to mobility, joint problems, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, sleep-concentration- and memory disturbances, depression, burn-out, exhaustion, painful conditions, weaknesses of the immune system, pre and post treatment of tumours, and overweight.


ASLAN Nutritional Therapy

Our therapy focuses on a diverse range of weight-related problems. We help those who want to change their diet, struggle with overweight, need to lose weight for health reasons, or are suffering from indigestion or diabetes.


Medicinal Beauty and Anti-Ageing Program

For inner and outer beauty, feeling visibly younger and revitalised.

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