Physiotherapy in the ASLAN Clinic

The Physiotherapy department of the ASLAN Clinic is accessible to all medical aids. Massages, medical baths, and inhalations can be organised separately. A longer stay in the Kurpark Villa can be meaningfully added to with an “Outpatient Bath Treatment Regime” or “Preventative Treatment”, which is also in accordance with medical aid.


The ASLAN Clinic is situated in the grounds of the Kurpark Villa. It is classified as a Private Day Clinic, according to paragraph 30 GewO, and specialises in preventative and symptom-orientated regeneration therapy. The medical leader at Kurpark Villa is Dr Günter Gerhardt, specialist of Inner and General Medicine, and Psychotherapy.


Exclusively in Nordrhein-Westfalen, the ASLAN Original Therapies are offered in the Kurpark Villa. Detailed information can be found in the ASLAN prospectus, which can be sent to you on request. A variety of interesting pampering arrangements, 'beauty and wellness' packages, or 'body and health programs' (inclusive of overnighting in the Kurpark Villa) can be found on the page 'Arrangements with accommodation' on the Internet site of Kurpark Villa.

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