Letting go of everyday stress: breathing, resistance, heat and relaxation exercises have a beneficial effect. You will relax, recuperate, and enjoy the moment.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to E. Jacobsen

The idea of progressive muscle relaxation is the early detection and, when possible, the active alleviation of stress conditions in the muscles. You are trained to use effort-and- release, to recognise when this technique is applicable, and to use it in a concentrated manner. With this technique, Parasympathicus is activated. Parasympathicus is part of the vegetative nervous system responsible for lowering blood pressure, reducing the heart rate, relaxing the muscles and for deep, slow breathing.
60 minutes: 15,­- €


You will learn to strengthen body consciousness and the discernment of inner processes. Conscious body positions, breathing exercises, and relaxation and concentration exercises (meditation) can positively influence not only body posture, movement and strength, but also the mental faculties.
60 minutes: 15,­- €


Medical Foot Care
per treatment: 25,­- €

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