Physiotherapy Treatments


The classic medical massage relieves tension and cramping of the muscles through pressure and manipulation of the tissue and stimulates blood and lymph circulation, as well as muscle-building and metabolism. The level of stress hormones in the body can be lowered with a good massage and the happy hormone 'Seratonin' is released.


Whether prescribed by a doctor, or as a little gift to yourself, submit yourself to the hands of our physiotherapists.


Full-Body Massage
50 minutes: 45,­- €


Partial or Back / Neck Massage

20 minutes: 20,­- €


Colon Massage

20 minutes: 20,­- €


Deep Tissue Massage
20 minutes: 20,­- €


Underwater Massage

20 minutes: - 35,­- €


Foot Reflexology Massage
A massage to the feet passes a direct stimulus to different organs: blockages are released, well-being is enhanced.
50 minutes: 45,­- €


Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy

60 minutes: 50,­- €


Ultrasound Therapy
per joint: 20,­- €


per joint: 22,-­ €

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