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Health for your Friends and Acquaintances

Under this motto, we would like to thank you with a token of our appreciation for introducing new guests who, on the basis of your recommendation, book and complete a stay at any ASLAN venue, Olsberg in the Hochsauerland or at Bad Steben in the enchanting Frankenwald.


The size of our token of appreciation depends on the length of the “first” stay and will be credited to your own stay at any ASLAN venue. Please accept that there are no cash payments.

Our “Token of Appreciation” for You

You are rewarded with a voucher as a token of our appreciation for introducing a new guest.

  • To the value of 100 EUR for a three week first stay at ASLAN,
  • To the value of 80 EUR for a two week first stay at ASLAN,
  • To the value of 60 EUR of a one week ASLAN stay.

You are our Reference

If the Wholeness ASLAN Health Concept has persuaded you of its value, please tell friends and acquaintances about your experiences and about us. Please try to persuade people whom you love to do something for their own health, vitality and independence.


Do you have Questions concerning our Action “Health for Friends and Acquaintances”?

Do you wish to have additional information to pass on and introduce to others? We will be happy to send it directly.


The team of ASLAN Holding International Pty LTD, at Muhlenufer 4a, in 59939 Olsberg looks forward to assisting you and is at your disposal.

You can also contact us at Tel: +49 29 62 – 97 99 0 or by E-Mail: mail(at)

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