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ASLAN Original Therapies

So you too would like to live as long as possible, as healthily as possible, be beautiful, vital, free of ailments, and live independently for as long as you can? Exclusive to the ASLAN Institutes, our concept of “wholeness” delivers an important contribution to your health at the highest level.

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Would you like to live as long as possible, be beautiful, healthy, vital, free of ailments, and live as independently as possible? Exclusive to the ASLAN Institute, our “wholeness” concept delivers an important contribution at the highest level. We consider body, spirit and soul as an entity and integrate modern medicine with natural healing procedures which have stood the test of time.


If you are looking for a complete health makeover, an escape from your daily routine, relaxation, an answer to ailments such as heart-related problems, joint pains, sleep- concentration- and memory disorders, exhaustion and fatigue, pain, weaknesses of the immune system and overweight issues, then the ASLAN Institute is the right place for you.


We have also developed very specific beauty treatments for those who are looking for something special to revitalise and rejuvenate yourselves inside and out.


“Live longer and more beautifully” is our philosophy, and that of our team of experienced doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, and fitness- and movement coaches. We have been working together as a team for years in a pleasant, productive and peaceful atmosphere. With much time, attention to detail, and experience, we have successfully countered age and/or career-related degeneration. We treat symptom-oriented ailments or prevent them.


Confident people understand that health, fitness, vitality and radiance are not to be taken for granted. ASLAN Original Therapies offers individually-tailored, modern, medically supervised treatments, diet and movement programs, regeneration and relaxation procedures, physiotherapy, and beauty therapies. A warm atmosphere, excellent service and fulfilling your personal wishes is of the greatest importance to us. An ambitious all-encompassing program is our promise to you!


What can you expect from us? What can we offer you? Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on our therapies,prices and medical aid assistance, please see our price list.


We look forward to meeting you!



Sabine Klaucke

The Therapy Concept

Most people ignore the first symptoms when their bodies complain about a stressful and often unhealthy way of life. “I'm sure there's nothing to be concerned about,” we say, or “First I have to finish this important task, then I'll start looking after myself.” People who are already struggling with age or work-related complaints often say, “It's too late anyway.” Does that sound familiar? Please don't hesitate to do something about it right away. We can show you how.


ASLAN Original Therapies

ASLAN Original Therapies are offered exclusively at authorised ASLAN Institutes, in carefully chosen venues, with standards defined by excellence.

Give yourself the Gift of Health

Up-to-Date Health tip

Spend your health holiday at ASLAN. Combine your relaxation and regeneration with individualised wellness and health applications, beauty treatments and physiotherapy.

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Arrangements with Accommodation

Olsberg in the Hochsauerland

Olsberg in the heart of the Sauerland with its distinctive landscape, is generally described as an Active-and-Health destination.


Badsteben in the Frankenwald Nature Park

Continuing in the tradition of over 175 years of Spa tradition, we are committed to: exquisitely cultivated garden surroundings, generously designed swimming pools, colourful shops, beautiful hotels and comfortable pensions.


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History and tradition

„I know that I am right: my therapy is the key to fighting age-related illnesses“

Ana Aslan



Ana Aslan – World Famous doctor

The ASLAN Institutes are named after Ana Aslan (1897 – 1988), a Rumanian doctor, and cell and ageing expert. Aslan wanted to study medicine because she realised at a young age that nobody was able to heal her father, who suffered from Tuberculosis. This became her life-long ambition and motivation: to achieve in the male-dominated world of medicine, and venture into research.


Apart from tuberculosis, Aslan was particularly interested in the substance Procain, which had been discovered by the German chemist Alfred Einhorn while looking for a local anaesthetic with minimal side-effects. Ana Aslan began using Procain initially for pain relief, focussing on rheumatic patients with intense joint pain. She noticed that the patients in general looked more vital, fresh, younger, and their memories improved. This became the basis for her research on ageing over the next decades.


As a professor of 'inner' medicine, she founded the State Institute for Geriatric Research and Medicine in Bucharest, and systematically examined Procain. She developed a regeneration therapy, named after herself, to delay the ageing process in the human organism.


Her treatment concept was internationally acclaimed. She led commissions of the UNO and WHO and received many awards, one of them the “Bundesverdienst Kreuze Erste Klasse” in Germany in 1971.


Practical developments in Rumania curtailed her freedom to research more and more. Under the dictator Ceauscescu, she realised her Institute was in danger and gradually transferred large parts of her work and documents to Olsberg in Sauerland, to the German ASLAN company.


Ana Aslan died in Bucharest at the age of 91. Modern research has in the meantime confirmed her lifework and explained many of her discoveries she made regarding Procain.

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Why do we age?

Advanced age, physical fitness and youthful good looks are not only thanks to good genes, but can also be ascribed to a healthy lifestyle. The genetic causes of ageing are interesting and have only recently been discovered.


These causes originate in the inner part of our cells. Every person has approximately 75 billion cells, each with its own nucleus and genetic components (DNA). Every genetic component in turn has a protective shell, the so-called 'telomere'. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres are shortened. When they are used up, the cells die and cannot regenerate – we lose some of our capabilities and become less able. The length of the telomeres is the genetic component of ageing.


Our lifestyles also have a direct and often negative effect on the state of our telomeres. During periods of stress, the telomeres disappear far more rapidly. Stress encourages the development of free radicals, which in turn harms the telomeres. This could cause stressed people to age prematurely and become more vulnerable to illnesses.


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